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Windows 8 users, take note!!

Robert, The Computer Guy/ January 9, 2016/ Uncategorized

Microsoft usually supports its operating systems for 10 years; however, this is not true for Windows 8. Even though it has only been out for three years, support for Windows 8 is being withdrawn as of January 12. Following that date, there will be no more patches or updates. It is easy to get around this – updating to Windows

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Who do you call?

Robert, The Computer Guy/ February 13, 2015/ Uncategorized

If you have a pop-up on your computer that says you need to call someone, call us at 256-575-0041 or 256-520-7327. If you need to talk to someone at Microsoft, don’t try to look up the number on the internet; there are many fake numbers posing as Microsoft who are not. Call us at 256-575-0041 or 256-520-7327 and we will

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Welcome to our blog!

Robert, The Computer Guy/ February 17, 2014/ Uncategorized

We plan to post timely and useful information here for your information. Any comments will be moderated because of the ubiquitous nature of spam on the internet; however, real comments from real people are welcome.