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Got Windows 10 yet? If you get a new computer, you must.

Robert, The Computer Guy/ January 15, 2016/ Uncategorized

According to an article on ZDNet, Microsoft has stated that new CPUs will require Windows 10. There will be a few systems that will temporarily support other versions (18 months only), but any new PCs built with new CPU chips will require Windows 10. Because Microsoft has supported previous Windows operating systems for 10 years after release, PC users often

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Windows 8 users, take note!!

Robert, The Computer Guy/ January 9, 2016/ Uncategorized

Microsoft usually supports its operating systems for 10 years; however, this is not true for Windows 8. Even though it has only been out for three years, support for Windows 8 is being withdrawn as of January 12. Following that date, there will be no more patches or updates. It is easy to get around this – updating to Windows

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Who do you call?

Robert, The Computer Guy/ February 13, 2015/ Uncategorized

If you have a pop-up on your computer that says you need to call someone, call us at 256-575-0041 or 256-520-7327. If you need to talk to someone at Microsoft, don’t try to look up the number on the internet; there are many fake numbers posing as Microsoft who are not. Call us at 256-575-0041 or 256-520-7327 and we will

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Welcome to our blog!

Robert, The Computer Guy/ February 17, 2014/ Uncategorized

We plan to post timely and useful information here for your information. Any comments will be moderated because of the ubiquitous nature of spam on the internet; however, real comments from real people are welcome.