Maintenance & Repair


Like any other mechanical device, a computer needs periodic maintenance. This includes hardware maintenance, such as cleaning out dust and checking important components, as well as software maintenance, such as defragmenting and deleting temporary files, updating, and other such.

Your computer will benefit from having the dust blown out (using canned air, a compressor, or a vacuum set to blow) monthly. You should keep an eye on its fragmentation level and defragment if it gets more than 50% fragmented. It is also important to make regular backups of your data, in case anything goes wrong with your computer, so you don’t lose any of your important pictures or documents.

We are happy to offer you the service of maintaining your computer. We recommend that you have an expert do a complete maintenance on your system yearly. It is more cost-effective for you to bring it to us, as we will then cap the charge at 3 hours. Anything outside the scope of routine maintenance will not be done without calling and getting your approval first.


Sometimes something messes up. Hardware breaks. Software glitches. When your computer gives you fits, give us a call!