How To Shrink Images in WordPress

Dawn/ December 23, 2019/ Tips and Tricks, Web Site Basics

Images add a lot to a website, but they also take up more space than most other content (with the exception of audio and video files). Obviously, the larger the original picture size that you upload, the larger the file size. Since most accounts have a limit on disk space, the best way to prevent running out of allotted space

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So, You Want To Make a Web Site (Simple Basics)

Robert, The Computer Guy/ April 6, 2015/ Web Site Basics

You want to start a web site? Here are some ABCs to help you. 1. Approve a Domain Name. While there are places where you can have a blog, or a simple site, with a subdomain of someone else’s domain (such as or, it is generally preferred to have your own domain name that reflects you. If you

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So You Want to Make a Web Site…

Robert, The Computer Guy/ February 24, 2015/ Web Site Basics

One of the things you will have to decide is how you want to build your site. Your options include hard-coding (typing in all the HTML and CSS that is involved in the part of the web site most people don’t see), using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor such as CoffeeCup, Trellian, or RVSiteBuilder, or

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