Slow Computer

Tired of waiting forever for your program to open? Got a slow computer? When you bought your computer new it was so much faster, wasn’t it?

Here at R & D Computer Solutions we like faster computers as well. There are several things that make a computer slower.

#1. Fragmentation of the system files. These are files that can not be defragmented by normal methods.

Fragmented unmovable files

#2. Bad spots on the hard drive. If it is one or two, they can normally be marked as bad and the hard drive can continue to be used. If you have many bad blocks, this is a sign of coming failure of the hard drive.

Bad blocks

We recommend you buy a new hard drive.  (We like the black label hard drives with the 5 yr manufacturer warranty.)

Black Label Hard Drive

#3 Bloatware, adware, malware, etc can cause your computer to run slow and erratically.

#4 Some programs, including Microsoft Windows update can become more demanding on the computer. Sometimes a simple upgrade of memory (RAM) can really speed things up.

Memory upgrade

#5. A big one people often overlook is dust, which can clog cooling fans and vents and cause the computer to overheat, and even can cause shorts in the system. Most computers slow things down trying to perform in the hot environment caused by the dust clogging the system.

Do not use a broom or rag, etc that can cause static/electrostatic discharge in your computer. Do not put your hand in your computer without being grounded to the case of the computer. Compressed air is the best way to remove the dust from your computer’s inner workings.

Dust clogging fan

#6. Misbehaving programs that are good programs but they have a problem for some reason, and the problem needs to be resolved. (This is a good reason to keep your programs updated.)

#7. Hardware issues – Sometimes things work their way loose or go bad and cause strange problems and a very slow computer is the result.

There are many other things that can make your computer slow. If you would like for us to clean it up and make it faster, please give us a call. 256-520-7327