We charge $65 per hour when on-site from the time we arrive until the time we are done and leave.* (Sunday is an exception. It is set aside for the Lord; if you feel you have an urgent need for work on Sunday, it will be billed double the normal rate. You may call and schedule an appointment for the next week at no charge on a Sunday. If I do not answer, please leave a voice mail.) For Huntsville and surrounding area,  I have rolled the driving time into the price so it’s $90 for the first hour and $65 per hour after that.(everything out side of Scottsboro to about an hour away.) Past an hour out it is $35 an hour of driving both ways.

Driving time

A driving time fee is added when the customer is outside Scottsboro city limits (see map below). 

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Remote work

When accessing your computer remotely for assessment or repair purposes, we charge $35 for the first fifteen minutes (minimum charge). Once past the first 15 minutes, it is $65 per hour. Many problems and issues are resolved very quickly, saving you money.

We will email you a bill for the services rendered at the end of the session. (If the session includes multiple computers, you may give one email address to which all invoices can be sent.) Our remote program removes itself from the computer to which we are connected after we finish. Our support page is where you will go to begin the connection; please call first.

Server Work

Our hourly rate is $100 whether we work remotely or on site, but if we come on site, we will charge for travel time.

Payment due

All charges are due upon completion of work, unless otherwise agreed beforehand.

We are on call 24 hours.

If you need us to come on-site, it normally has to be scheduled. If it is a dire emergency, we normally can call customers and reschedule appointments to get over there and take care of the on-site emergency that day. We carry a laptop and have mobile internet access available to us. This allows us to access remotely once we are free to do so. (Sunday is set aside for the Lord. If you must have a service call on Sunday, rates are doubled.)

At my office diagnosis.

Diagnosis is $35 . 

Contact Robert

You can reach Robert on his cell at 256-520-7327,  Our email is rdcss@rdcss.com and the cell receives email and text messages.

Please note! This information and prices may change without notice.