On site

We charge $55 an hour when on site from the time we arrive until the time we are done and leave.

Driving time

Driving time is currently .39* cents per mile round trip, when outside Scottsboro city limits (see map below). (This costs my customers less than charging $55 an hour for driving time).

(*This amount is subject to change without notice.)

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Remote Work

When accessing your computer remotely for assessment or repair purposes, we charge $1 per minute with a $5.00 minimum** for the initial connect for that session. We will email you a bill for the services rendered at the end of the session. (If the session includes multiple computers, you may give one email address to which all invoices can be sent.) Our remote program removes itself from the computer to which we are connected after we finish. Our support page is where you will go to begin the connection; please call first.

Support phone calls

Very short support phone calls are normally not charged (2 minutes or less; there are some exceptions where we don’t charge for longer calls). When we do charge, it is $1 a minute with a $5.00 minimum**. (We normally do not charge for non-support calls.)

**$5.00 minimum means that if we are helping you and it takes 4 minutes and we are charging you, it will cost 5 dollars. If it takes 15 minutes, then it will be $15.

Payment due

All charges are due when the work is done, unless we agree otherwise before beginning work.

Most of our regular customers who use our remote services pre-pay, and we have a site where they can log in and see the credits and a brief description of the work that was done. When the time gets down to a few hours, we notify them and they purchase more time. This saves them from having to write a bunch of little checks. (You can call or send an email requesting the remote support.) If you are interested in this solution for your business, please contact us.

We are on call 24 hours.

If you need us to come on site, it normally has to be scheduled. If it is a dire emergency, we normally can call customers and reschedule appointments to get over there and take care of the on site emergency that day. We carry a laptop and have mobile internet access available to us. This allows us to access remotely once we are free to do so.

Contact Robert

You can reach Robert on his cell at 256-520-7327, or at home at 256-575-0041. Our email is rdcss@rdcss.com and the cell receives email and text messages.

Please note! This information and prices may change without notice.