2021’s Best PC Antivirus – FREE software

It used to be that the only way to get GOOD antivirus software was to buy it, but no longer. It is now possible to get a good antivirus for your PC at no cost to you whatsoever. In fact, Windows PCs now come with Microsoft Defender pre-installed, and it tends to do a decent job of protecting the system. Third-party software is often an upgrade, however, because it includes

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More Power!

You might have upgraded your computer to be an awesome gaming computer – either by adding or changing parts, or by purchasing a newer, more powerful system – and you may be thrilled with its specs and performance… but you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet! Next year, according to PC World, Intel is looking at installing its “most powerful chip to date” into a limited quantity of desktop computers. They call

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For Windows 8 Users

Did you get Windows 8 and then realize you have no idea how to navigate? Do you want to have your Start button and other menus back? That’s where Classic Shell comes in. With this little software program, you can have Windows 8 that works more like previous versions of Windows. If you need help getting it set up on your computer, give us a call!