Infected Computer

An infected computer can really cause serious problems. Not only do you have problems getting your computer to do what you want it to, but your information is at risk. Some infections collect your information and send it out to other people (usually the hacker) on the internet.

Information stolen can include user names and passwords, banking information, credit card information, pictures and documents.

Some viruses will encrypt these items so you will have to pay a ransom to get your data back; this is known as ransomware. Paying the ransom does not necessarily mean you will get your data back. Good antivirus, anti-ransomware, and backup programs will protect you from this nightmare.

Some other names of types of viruses include spyware, malware, smitfraud, Trojans, etc. There are tons of sub-classifications based on how they work or affect the computer. It is safe to say you DO NOT want to leave these on your computer any longer than you have to.  Many of these seem to invite more infections in and the computer seems to deteriorate until it is no longer functional without repair.

Sometimes when you are browsing the web, you will get a page popup and you will hear dinging and/or talking. The page tells you to call the number on the screen; they say do not turn off your computer.  DO NOT PANIC!!!  DO NOT DO WHAT IT SAYS!  DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING!!

Call me and I will tell you how to safely get it off your screen. 256-520-7327

This is a YouTube video from – one of my favorite anti-hacking websites.


One more important topic to cover here is HACKER.  One form of hacker is that guy from “Microsoft” who says that your computer is reporting that it is infected and he wants to clean it up for you for a flat fee for the year.  Not only do they steal your information and lock your computer when they realize you are onto what they are doing, but they trick you into giving them more information so they can steal money from your bank and credit card. DO NOT Talk to these folks; hang up and call your computer technician to make sure you are okay.

We can back up your important data and get your computer cleaned up.

If you are infected, please call us and let us repair your computer. 256-520-7327