Data Recovery

What happens when your hard drive stops coming up, or starts making an unpleasant noise, or is just saying it’s unreadable? The feeling is horrible – your stomach drops, and you just KNOW you have lost all your documents, pictures, music, and everything!

That is not necessarily true. There is a possibility your data can be recovered! There is hope! If the drive will spin up, our recovery tools will recover all accessible data. Our standard charges apply.

If the drive does not spin up, or our tools cannot access the data, there is a company that has special labs and other specialized tools that can get your data from your drive, called Gillware.


We are proud to be a Gillware Data Recovery Affiliate Partner

Gillware has no upfront charge. You send your damaged hard drive to them to receive a free evaluation. You will receive a call when they receive your hard drive. They will evaluate your drive and quote a firm price. With your approval of the price, the recovery process will begin. When the successful recovery is completed, a listing of recovered files will be given to you to review. Your data can be returned to you in a manner of your choice.