Playing DVDs on Windows 10 Home

Robert, The Computer Guy/ August 6, 2015/ About Your Computer, Tips and Tricks

Chances are, if you upgraded to Windows 10 Home, you will be unable to play DVDs on your computer. Microsoft offers a fix for this, in the form of a $14.99 app, but there is another (free) solution. In order to watch DVDs for free on your Window 10 computer, you will need two things: A DVD-ROM drive – either

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What is a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)?

Robert, The Computer Guy/ May 11, 2015/ About Your Computer

On a computer running a Windows operating system, a fatal error that shuts down the system is known as a “Blue Screen of Death” or just “BSoD,” named after the screen that displays before the computer turns off. This screen usually has a code for the error, though often the computer turns off so quickly that reading the code is

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