Warranty Information

R&D Computer Solutions will warranty the labor we do for 30 days. Installing software, transferring information to a new hard drive, troubleshooting software conflicts, etc., is a chargeable item. We cannot be held liable for loss of customer’s data. We recommend the customer back up any critical data before any upgrade or work is begun.

R&D Computer Solutions is not responsible for systems or components left in our care for more than 90 days.

Warranty does not cover damage caused by electrical problems, ESD, lightning, flood, fire, tornadoes, or any other natural disaster. Physical damages due to abuse, neglect, failure to perform preventative maintenance, or mishandling of equipment are not covered by our warranty. Accidental damage, theft, or cosmetic damages are not covered by our warranty. Warranty does not cover software problems due to customer changes to setup, loading third party software that does not function properly or is incompatible with your system. Warranty does not cover the removal of or problems caused by computer viruses, spyware, or malware of any kind. Warranty does not include reloading or correcting problems with software including the operating system. These are chargeable repairs and will be handled under standard operating procedures.

We cannot be held liable for loss of customer’s data for any reason. We recommend the customer perform backups to any critical data on a regular basis.

PARTS WARRANTIES will be handled by the seller or manufacturer of the parts, and not by R&D Computer Solutions. Any used parts given to customers are AS-IS and no warranty is included either explicitly or implicitly.