Partial Screen Screenshot – Windows

Dawn/ May 4, 2019/ Uncategorized

Did you know that there is a tool built into Windows to allow you to take a partial screenshot? Most of you probably already know that you can press the Windows key and the “PrtSc” (Print Screen) button to get a screenshot of your entire screen. Windows has a Snipping Tool that allows users to select a portion of the

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SquirrelMail is Dead

Dawn/ March 9, 2019/ Uncategorized

There has been a new update of cPanel that resulted in the removal of the popular SquirrelMail webmail option. cPanel’s blog explains that SquirrelMail’s developers stopped updating the program in 2013, which means that any vulnerabilities or dependency changes would not be adjusted, and therefore the program itself has become a liability. If you were using SquirrelMail on our webmail,

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Beware! Facebook Scam Email

Dawn/ July 23, 2018/ Alert

There is an email that may show up in your inbox that you need to know is spam. The email claims to be from Facebook (its “From” address says Facebook ) but it is from a phisher (someone trying to get personal or login information). It looks like this: If you hover over the link, it goes to… and

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Sharing ONE file or folder on OneDrive

Dawn/ February 21, 2018/ Tips and Tricks

If you have OneDrive, there is a good chance you have wanted to share files with someone, but not ALL your files. It is possible to do this. There are two types of accounts on OneDrive, and the sharing procedure is different depending on which account type you have. If you have a BUSINESS (work or school) account, see the

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Calling for support

Dawn/ February 15, 2018/ Tips and Tricks

When you run into a problem with the software on your computer, your first thought may be to call support. This is not a bad idea. If you still have the packaging in which your software came, there is often a support phone number or email address listed. This is an excellent way to contact technical support for your software.

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