More Power!


You might have upgraded your computer to be an awesome gaming computer – either by adding or changing parts, or by purchasing a newer, more powerful system – and you may be thrilled with its specs and performance… but you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!

Next year, according to PC World, Intel is looking at installing its “most powerful chip to date” into a limited quantity of desktop computers. They call it the Knights Landing chip, and it is a 72-core processor with 8 billion transistors. “As usage expands,” PC World‘s article says, “hopefully PC makers and other partners will sign on to sell Xeon Phi desktops… The Knights Landing chip can deliver over 3 teraflops of peak performance, which is roughly in the range of some high-performance graphics chips used in the world’s fastest supercomputers.”

While it is unlikely that the average gamer will be able to shell out the cash required to procure a workstation with this chip, there’s no doubt that the experience of playing a game with awesome graphics set to max settings would be amazing and unforgettable.

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