2021’s Best PC Antivirus – FREE software

It used to be that the only way to get GOOD antivirus software was to buy it, but no longer. It is now possible to get a good antivirus for your PC at no cost to you whatsoever. In fact, Windows PCs now come with Microsoft Defender pre-installed, and it tends to do a decent job of protecting the system.

Third-party software is often an upgrade, however, because it includes such things as ransomware and malware in the database.

While many well-known commercial antivirus programs cost either initially or annually, there are still quite a few that have free options for home users. Unfortunately, when these companies make a free version of their software, it is often limited or offer much less support and usually is accompanied by many email offers to upgrade.

The programs recommended below are completely free and may be used by any home users. Businesses are better served with the paid software, which usually offers immediate support options and managing interfaces.

AVG Antivirus Free

Easy to install and reliable for over two decades, AVG is well known in the free antivirus world. Avast acquired AVG’s parent company in 2016 and the two programs are nearly identical; they are equal in both protection and promotion. That is, both will keep your computer safe, but they will both also continually offer paid add-ons.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Based in Romania, Bitdefender is well known for good security software. The simple interface is easy to use and does not push premium software. It gives users basic protection from malware and viruses, but does not watch for ransomware. If simplicity is what you desire, this may be your best option.

Kaspersky Security Cloud

Based in Russia, Kaspersky is renowned as one of the best protective companies against viruses. Their free product includes the protection as well as a password manager – also free – and a limited VPN.

Sophos Home Free

Unlike the others that start out free and stay free, Sophos starts as a Home Premium trial (with no credit card requirement) which then downgrades to the Free version when the trial expires. The paid package advantages are disabled at this point, leaving only the basic antivirus. It has a web-based console to aid in managing the software, which includes web filtering tools.

If you would like further information or help with choosing which is best for your needs, feel free to call 256-520-7327 and talk to Robert.

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