Calling for support

Dawn/ February 15, 2018/ Tips and Tricks

When you run into a problem with the software on your computer, your first thought may be to call support. This is not a bad idea. If you still have the packaging in which your software came, there is often a support phone number or email address listed. This is an excellent way to contact technical support for your software.

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Malwarebytes Issue

Dawn/ January 29, 2018/ Alert

Malwarebytes has discoverd an issue that may cause problems to some of their users. In short, an update caused some users to be unable to access the internet, and others to have their RAM access blocked. To fix this situation, if it affects you: Malwarebytes for Windows Update package version 1.0.3803 (Malwarebytes 3) or v2018.01.27.12 (Malwarebytes 2.x) or higher 1.

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Two-Factor Authentication

Dawn/ October 18, 2017/ Alert

We have enabled Two-Factor Authentication on WHMCS to protect your accounts, domain names, and websites. If you do NOT have a tablet or cell phone, please contact me. If you need help getting it set up, please call me or email me. 256-520-7327 cell, You can also turn on this feature in cPanel: under the Security tab – choose

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Microsoft Patch Fixes Security Issues – Released 9/12

Dawn/ September 12, 2017/ Uncategorized

This month’s patch released by Microsoft for Windows users is one you should probably get. With 82 security bugs killed, this patch also includes a fix for a vulnerability called “zero-day” which has been exploited already. What is a zero-day attack? This is a vulnerability that affects the .NET Framework that, when exploited, may allow a hacker control of an

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Dealing With Slow Wi-Fi?

Dawn/ September 2, 2017/ Uncategorized

Wi-fi – or wireless internet – is everywhere these days. You can get it free at hotels, restaurants, and sometimes even in your neighborhood (but you really shouldn’t). But not every wireless access point (AP) is equal. Some wi-fi is blazing fast, while other connections are turtle-slow. So what can you do? In case you don’t already know the basics of

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