Please update your Adobe Flash player.

Robert, The Computer Guy/ February 20, 2014/ Alert

Adobe has release patches for the Zero-day infection. This patches the flaw in Adobe that allows the zero-day infection to cause infection through flash. This is a critical update for Windows, Mac (apple), Linux. You can get the newest version of Adobe Flash Player from Adobe at . Do not trust Flash Player installations or patches from any other

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Protect yourself from scammers

Robert, The Computer Guy/ February 17, 2014/ News

ABC did an article about some of the methods used by scammers to gain access to the computer of an unsuspecting victim. This article tells of some of their methods and how to protect yourself from them. Briefly, it discusses those who call you, claiming to be from a software company (like Microsoft), telling you there is a virus on

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Welcome to our blog!

Robert, The Computer Guy/ February 17, 2014/ Uncategorized

We plan to post timely and useful information here for your information. Any comments will be moderated because of the ubiquitous nature of spam on the internet; however, real comments from real people are welcome.