Who do you call?

If you have a pop-up on your computer that says you need to call someone, call us at 256-575-0041 or 256-520-7327.

If you need to talk to someone at Microsoft, don’t try to look up the number on the internet; there are many fake numbers posing as Microsoft who are not. Call us at 256-575-0041 or 256-520-7327 and we will help you to get the right number; we may even be able to help you solve your problem without needing to call Microsoft at all.

If you have any kind of message on your computer that you do not understand, please feel free to call us at 256-575-0041 or 256-520-7327 before interacting with it. Some of the popups will install something no matter where you click on them – EVEN IF YOU CLICK THE X IN THE CORNER. Call first to protect yourself.

We do not charge to answer your call. If a charge will be necessary, we will let you know before work begins so you can choose whether or not to pursue it. You can rest assured that the end result will be better and probably less expensive if you call us.

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