Critical Windows Patch – font loophole

A new exploit has been discovered in all versions of Windows that are currently supported (Vista, 7, 8, etc.) that involves OpenType fonts that are embedded and how they are handled by Windows. Microsoft has released a critical update that will close the loophole, which is available through Windows Update. The exploit will allow hackers access to look at data on the hard drive, as well as install things, change

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You bought it; don’t you own it?

If what you bought was online, and some form of media (music, game, software), then the answer is probably “no.” Instead, you have a license to use the item, rather than actual ownership. It sounds like semantics, but has some very real legal ramifications. Read more:

Microsoft’s “End of Support” Policy

Microsoft typically supports program releases for about five years, meaning that during that time, Microsoft will provide patches and fixes at no cost to the end user. These include security updates as well as other things. After the five years, called “end of support” or EOS, they will usually offer a limited time of extended support that covers security fixes only (though sometimes it is possible to pay for other

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Change your ebay password

Ebay is the most recent large e-commerce website to be hit by hackers. They did not hack through to an encrypted database, as is often the case, but rather, it appears, hacked into admin accounts, allowing complete access to the system, which makes it less certain what information was actually received. It is advisable to change your password there immediately, and, if you use the same password in other places,

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IE Security Vulnerability

The countdown to the end of Windows XP support expired a few weeks ago. If you hung on to XP despite all advice to the contrary, there’s a good reason to make changing a priority now. Microsoft released a security report on Saturday that explains there is a vulnerability in Internet Explorer, versions 6 through 11, that makes it possible for hackers to gain remote access to your computer if

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