Malwarebytes Issue

Malwarebytes has discoverd an issue that may cause problems to some of their users.

In short, an update caused some users to be unable to access the internet, and others to have their RAM access blocked.

To fix this situation, if it affects you:

Malwarebytes for Windows

Update package version 1.0.3803 (Malwarebytes 3) or v2018.01.27.12 (Malwarebytes 2.x) or higher

1. Open Malwarebytes
2. Turn OFF web protection by Clicking on Settings, Protection tab, and then click to turn Web Protection OFF (click “Yes” for the User Access Control prompt)
3. Click on Dashboard and then under Scan Status (right side), click “Current” which is next to “Updates” to have Malwarebytes download the latest database
4. Restart PC
(Note it may take up to 2 restarts after the update to stabilize the system)

To confirm that you are on the latest database please follow the steps below:

1. Open Malwarebytes
2. Click on Settings
3. Click on the About tab
4. Next to “Update package version” if you see version 1.0.3803 or higher you are on the latest database which addresses the issue.

If the above doesn’t resolve the issue, please reach out to support at

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