Got Windows 10 yet? If you get a new computer, you must.

According to an article on ZDNet, Microsoft has stated that new CPUs will require Windows 10. There will be a few systems that will temporarily support other versions (18 months only), but any new PCs built with new CPU chips will require Windows 10.

Because Microsoft has supported previous Windows operating systems for 10 years after release, PC users often hang on to an older OS until something forces them to upgrade. While this policy is still – more or less – in force, Windows 7 and 8.1 will both be supported for several years yet; however, the policies for this support have changed. Support will only be offered for previous CPUs (referred to in the following quote as “silicon”):

Going forward, as new silicon generations are introduced, they will require the latest Windows platform at that time for support… Windows 10 will be the only supported Windows platform on Intel’s upcoming “Kaby Lake” silicon, Qualcomm’s upcoming “8996” silicon, and AMD’s upcoming “Bristol Ridge” silicon.

We have found that Windows 10 is a stable, enjoyable version of the operating system. It is much preferred to Windows 8.x and offers a Windows-7-like interface with improvements to the operation and user-friendliness. We are currently in a window where upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or 8.x is without charge, but this timeframe will end this year. If you need assistance with upgrading to Windows 10, please feel free to give Robert a call at 256-520-7327.

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