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Sep 02

Dealing With Slow Wi-Fi?

Wi-fi – or wireless internet – is everywhere these days. You can get it free at hotels, restaurants, and sometimes even in your neighborhood (but you really shouldn’t). But not every wireless access point (AP) is equal. Some wi-fi is blazing fast, while other connections are turtle-slow. So what can you do? In case you …

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Aug 12

Skype and Windows 10

If you have trouble with the sound not working when you receive Skype messages under Windows 10, there may be a simple fix. Check the sound settings in Skype to ensure that the sound is set to use the proper speakers. Under Tools -> Options -> Audio Settings. It appears to default to digital sound, …

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Aug 06

Playing DVDs on Windows 10 Home

Chances are, if you upgraded to Windows 10 Home, you will be unable to play DVDs on your computer. Microsoft offers a fix for this, in the form of a $14.99 app, but there is another (free) solution. In order to watch DVDs for free on your Window 10 computer, you will need two things: …

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Aug 03

Before you install Windows 10…!!

If you are getting ready to upgrade to Windows 10, it is very important that you uninstall your antivirus. It will save you much pain and suffering and annoyance. You will also want to uninstall Malwarebytes’ Antimalware. Once Windows 10 has installed, you will want to reinstall both antivirus and antimalware, but leaving them installed …

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Jul 10

Back Up Your Windows System

If you are planning to upgrade to Windows 10, or if you just realize you need a full backup of your computer, here is how to accomplish that, with a system image. The best time to create an image is when the system is freshly cleaned, and has your necessary (and desired) programs installed and …

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