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Nov 23

More Power!

You might have upgraded your computer to be an awesome gaming computer – either by adding or changing parts, or by purchasing a newer, more powerful system – and you may be thrilled with its specs and performance… but you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet! Next year, according to PC World, Intel is looking at installing …

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Oct 22

It isn’t free to pirate software

Before you look at the price tag of commercial software and choose to download a copy without buying it, you need to consider the consequences. Sure, not everyone who uses pirated software gets caught, but the price you will pay if you do is not worth it. It is much, much less expensive to simply …

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If what you bought was online, and some form of media (music, game, software), then the answer is probably “no.” Instead, you have a license to use the item, rather than actual ownership. It sounds like semantics, but has some very real legal ramifications.

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Obviously you have internet access if you are reading this. How many other facts on this list resonate with you?


NBC’s Dateline on How to Protect Your Computer from Hackers

Feb 28

Protect your Wi-fi

If you use wi-fi, make sure your password is secure! There is a new virus that moves through wi-fi networks in a manner similar to human viruses spreading among people. The virus, dubbed ‘Chameleon,’ is wreaking havoc on networks with insecure passwords.


ABC did an article about some of the methods used by scammers to gain access to the computer of an unsuspecting victim. This article tells of some of their methods and how to protect yourself from them.

Briefly, it discusses those who call you, claiming to be from a software company (like Microsoft), telling you there is a virus on your computer.

What you should know:

  • Software companies do not call individuals.
  • Tech support only calls you if you called them first (and not always then, when you’re dealing with a company like Microsoft)
  • If you get a call like this, hang up and call someone you trust. Do not call a number they give you; get a number from the official Microsoft web site, or call a local technician.